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Best Pet Clinic in Vellore Katpadi, for Your Pet Care Destination

One of the best Pet Clinic in Vellore, Katpadi is Annai Pet Clinic. Our skilled veterinary doctors and vet surgeons provide outstanding services for pet treatments. Our pet shop is well known for giving excellent pet care and all pet products. With a unique approach and a wide range of services including medicines for pets, facilities, and pet items. This particular branch of Annai Pet Clinic has established itself as the premier pet clinic in Vellore, catering to the varied requirements of pet owners and their cherished animal friends.

A Hub for Comprehensive Pet Care Services

  • At Annai Pet Clinic Katpadi, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive pet care that addresses every aspect of your pet's health and happiness. When you enter our clinic, you will be welcomed by a fully stocked pet shop, which is a paradise for pet owners looking for top-notch pet products and accessories. Whether you need premium pet food, a variety of toys, or grooming essentials, our pet shop is a valuable resource for fulfilling all your pet's needs.
  • Having accurate diagnostic services is crucial for understanding the health of your pet. Annai Pet Clinic Katpadi has a modern diagnostic center that offers precise lab/diagnostics services to ensure your pet receives the best care possible. Our branch also has skilled veterinary surgeons and a state-of-the-art operation theater to handle various procedures when surgery is necessary.
  • Annai Pet Clinic excels in routine check-ups and personalized health care plans, which are essential for responsible pet ownership. If your pet requires specialized attention, our pet care clinic conducts thorough special examinations to leave no stone unturned in your pet's diagnosis and treatment. In case of emergencies, Annai Pet Clinic Katpadi offers emergency service and critical care to provide immediate support when needed. Professional dental services are also available to keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy.
  • To ensure your pet leads a healthy and happy life, Annai Pet Clinic offers customized wellness plans that encompass all aspects of their well-being. Grooming services are available to keep your pet comfortable and hygienic, and specialized physiotherapy services aid in recovery and mobility.

Treatment Options

The Caring Professional veterinarians Team

One of the top priorities at Annai Pet Clinic Katpadi is vaccinations for dogs and cats. Our pet clinic takes every precaution to ensure your pets are safeguarded against common diseases.

State of the Art Facilities

We are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that support every facet of pet care, including precision diagnostics, efficient cardiac health evaluations, radiology services, advanced imaging technology, a safe and successful operation theater, grooming services, proper hygiene maintenance through bathing services, regular grooming sessions, and a well-stocked pharmacy for convenient access to prescribed medications and treatments.

Our Products

Your Pet's Delight, Our Product's Promise

Annai Pet Clinic not only offers exceptional services but also provides an array of premium products to cater to your pet’s diverse needs. Our products includes: Pet Food, Pet Neck Belts, Pet Shampoo, Pet Toys, Pet Health Tonics, Pet Snacks and Treats, Pet Neck Ropes, Neck Chains and Body Belts. 

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