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Annai Pet Clinic is the most popular Pet Clinic in Vellore, Sathuvachari. Our veterinary clinic provides top-notch pet clinic services including treatment, facilities, and pet products. Our expert pet doctors and veterinary surgeons offer excellent pet care services such as routine follow-up, vaccination for pets, and ECG for pets. Our products include Food for pets, Neck Belts, Shampoo for pets, Pet Toys, and, Pet Health Tonics. 

Comprehensive Pet Care Services

  • Annai Pet Clinic Sathuvachari takes pride in offering a holistic approach to pet care, ensuring that every aspect of your pet's well-being is catered to. As you step inside, you're greeted by a well-stocked pet shop, a veritable paradise for pet owners seeking high-quality pet products and accessories. From premium pet food to an array of toys and grooming essentials, our pet shop near me is a treasure trove for all your pet's desires.
  • Precise diagnostics are crucial for understanding your pet's health. Annai Pet Clinic Sathuvachari boasts a modern diagnostic center, providing precise lab/diagnostics services to ensure your pet receives the best care. When surgery becomes necessary, trust the skilled veterinary surgeons and the state-of-the-art operation theater at our branch to handle various procedures.
  • Routine check-ups and personalized health care plans are pivotal in responsible pet ownership, and Annai Pet Clinic excels in these areas. For cases requiring specialized attention, our pet care clinic conducts thorough special examinations, leaving no stone unturned in your pet's diagnosis and treatment.
  • Emergencies can be stressful, but Annai Pet Clinic Sathuvachari offers emergency service and critical care to provide immediate support when needed. Your trusted pet doctor is just a call away. Dental health is paramount, and professional dental services are available to keep your pet's teeth and gums in top condition.
  • To ensure your pet leads a healthy and happy life, Annai Pet Clinic offers customized wellness plans that encompass all aspects of their well-being. Grooming isn't just about aesthetics; it's also about your pet's comfort and hygiene. Treat your pet to a spa day at our dedicated grooming and spa facility. Pets, like humans, may require physiotherapy for various reasons. Annai Pet Clinic provides specialized physiotherapy services to aid in recovery and mobility.

A MultitudeTreatment Options

The Caring Professional Team

Nestled in the heart of Vellore’s Sathuvachari, Annai Pet Clinic Sathuvachari stands as a beacon of top-notch pet care. Distinct in our approach and services, our branch of Annai Pet Clinic has earned its reputation as the best pet clinic in Vellore, catering to the diverse needs of pet owners and their beloved companions.

State of the Art Facilities

Annai Pet Clinic Sathuvachari is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that support every facet of pet care: precision diagnostics, efficient cardiac health evaluations, radiology services, advanced imaging technology, a safe and successful operation theater, grooming services, proper hygiene maintenance through bathing services, regular grooming sessions, and a well-stocked pharmacy for convenient access to prescribed medications and treatments.

Our Products

Your Pet's Delight, Our Product's Promise

Annai Pet Clinic not only offers exceptional services but also provides an array of premium products to cater to your pet’s diverse needs. Our products include Food for pets, Neck Belts, Shampoo for pets, Toys, Pet Health Tonics, Pet Snacks and Treats,  Neck Ropes, Neck Chains, and Body Belts. 

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Annai Pet Clinic Sathuvachari, Vellore, is dedicated to providing exceptional pet care in every facet. Experience the difference at Annai Pet Clinic, where your pets are treated with the utmost care and dedication. For those searching for the best pet clinic in Vellore, your journey ends here.