Pet Surgery Services

Annai Pet Clinic is the best in providing Pet Surgery services in Vellore, and we are committed to improving the health and well-being of your furry companions. The pet Surgical Services we offer are pet Soft Tissue Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Ophthalmic Surgery, and Emergency Surgeries. Advanced Technology, Pet Anesthesia Monitoring, and Post-Operative Care are the Surgical Facilities we have. Our experienced and skilled veterinary doctors and veterinary surgeon, coupled with our state-of-the-art surgical facilities, ensure that your pet receives the highest standard of care during surgical procedures.

Comprehensive Surgical Services :

State-of-the-Art Surgical Facilities :

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Annai Pet Clinic is best in providing Surgery services in Vellore, and we are committed to delivering exceptional surgical care for your pets. When your furry friend needs surgery, rest assured that they are in the hands of a skilled and caring team. We treat every pet as if they were our own and are dedicated to helping them live a happy and healthy life.

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Our Facilities

Leading Comfort in Pet Facilities

Annai Pet Clinic takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of facilities to cater to your pet’s medical and grooming needs. Our dedicated team ensures your pet receives the best care possible in a compassionate and supportive environment.

  • Lab
  • ECG
  • X-Ray
  • Scan
  • Operation Theatre
  • Hair Clipping
  • Bathing (Medicated & Normal)
  • Pharmacy
  • Grooming